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An Interview with Brenda Evans, Foster Care and Adoption Agency Social Worker

Brenda has been with David & Margaret since 2017 when she was a student at the University of Southern California studying Masters Social Work while completing an internship with David & Margaret’s Foster Care and Adoption Agency.  Brenda has a selfless passion to help others and not long after completing her education, she was offered her Master Social Worker position at the agency. 

A little bit about Brenda: “I was raised an army brat so I’ve lived in a lot of different places. I was born in Anchorage Alaska, ended up in Florida and as an adult I moved to California. That’s where I began my singing career. I actually studied engineering first but then I started a family and focused on being a mom and a singer. I had my own band; my forte is jazz but I love gospel music. I also played the violin and the saxophone. Then, I lost my husband. He had a dissection of the aorta, which was a surprise. And after that I decided to go back to school. I had this eureka moment-  I’ve been helping people all my life, why wasn’t I doing social work? So I went to Pitzer College in Claremont and studied sociology. After Pitzer, USC approach me, I applied and they accepted me! I finished at USC a couple of years ago at the age of 56.”

What do you more enjoy about working at David & Margaret? “You know, I really enjoy my coworkers. They’re wonderful team players who help you to be your best.” 

If you could learn anything what would it be? “I think, to learn to be better at meeting people where they are.”  

Who are your role models? “Well you know, the Lord is my role model and my dad is my role model.”

What did you want to be when you grew up? “Oh definitely a singer but I also wanted to be a judge!” 

Do you have a saying or motto you live by? “Am I my brother or sisters keeper” 

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