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Intern Spotlight: Khyra, future Social Worker!

Khyra’s 6-month internship in the Foster Care and Adoption Agency at David & Margaret Youth and Family Services has come to an end. She was a wonderful addition to the team. She was always willing to do what it took to get the job done! Khyra is on track to finish her Masters in Social Work by the end of this year and we wish her the absolute best.

“I learned a lot, everyone here had an effect on my learning. I actually spoke with everyone in the (Foster care and adoptins) department and got help from everyone. Whether it was something small or big, if I wasn’t able to go to my supervisor because they were out in the field, someone was always available and willing to help me.
I like the opportunities I was given in this internship. I do online schooling so it’s reading and discussion posts but to be here in the internship I was more hands-on. It’s more in-depth, instead of just reading, I actually get to do it and I can understand it. My favorite things [about the internship] had to be the required visits and check-ins because they were with the children. I’d like to become a Social Worker because I love children. I’m all about the safety and well being of children and families so that’s my utmost favorite thing.”

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