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Meet Ruth Martinez, Volunteer, Young Professionals Committee

Ruth has passionately supported her community - wherever that may be - for over a decade.

It all started her senior year of high school, with the Invisible Children movement when she began volunteering and fundraising to support children in Africa who are actively recruited by the militia. Since then she has been an unstoppable volunteer, looking out for vulnerable members of society, and supporting more than a handful of organizations.

Following her passion she attended college in Iowa where she studied international affairs. From there she moved to Chicago to volunteer with the AmeriCorps. Her services didn’t stop there; while working at an International School in Korea Town she also volunteered at a local dog café where she worked with abandoned and disabled pups. She also travels to Tijuana every month with her church to bring critical supplies to families and individuals in need.

Ruth is currently volunteering at David & Margaret while she waits to move to Uganda with the Peace Corps, in early November. Ruth expresses her decision to volunteer with D&M because the mission resonates with her. Helping improve the lives of young adults and families is a cause she was eager to get behind.

“I love volunteering! I try to motivate people, especially the younger generation, to go out and volunteer. Get involved with an organization whose mission you agree with. Every organization does something different and if you enjoy that aspect or sector then you should get involved. Volunteering really allows you to see different aspects, different work environments, gain skills and meet new people! It has been something I really enjoy.”

Thank you for everything you do to make this world a better place, Ruth! We look forward to following your journey. 

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