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The Learning Enhancement Center

In a classroom setting, it can be difficult for a student to listen to a teacher’s instructions while also reading from the board and using his/her motor skills to write notes. It’s even more difficult to achieve these “simple” tasks when the student has a learning disability or challenges with executive functioning skills, or other undiagnosed processing issues. 

Any person, of any age with a processing disorder or learning disability can greatly benefit from the Learning Enhancement Center (LEC). The LEC retrains the brain by breaking down the way you process and respond to information. This is executed through a series of therapeutic exercises that use the right and left side of the brain. These exercises sharpen the brain response process - enhancing verbal skills, focus, coordination, balance, the ability to multitask and more! 

The exercises vary from puzzles to trampoline tasks, working with all senses and fine/gross motor skills. They start at the basics and zero-in on where the trouble arises moving forward only when they participant is truly ready. Repetition is key! 

The LEC is not just for young persons; we spoke with Sharon Skinner, Program Manager, and she shared her favorite success story with us. “A woman came to us in her late 50’s, she was an archaeologist! She was very intelligent, and yet when I met her she told me ‘I can’t find my way out of a paper bag!’ She would have runs in her nylons, cuts and scratches with no idea how they got there. The ‘looking for your sunglasses while they’re on your head’ kind of thing. She and her husband - the head master of a private school - who go on archeology digs together, all over the world and she said ‘if I have to fly by myself I can’t get through the airport in time!’ She had trouble functioning in her daily life and relied on her husband a lot. She came to our program and did very well. It was a long process for her, it took about 24 months. But she did it regularly and brags that she can get through the airport all by herself now!” 

The LEC empowers participants to be successful in their every-day life. Having a learning disability doesn’t have to be a struggle. If you or a loved one could benefit from the Learning Enhancement Center we encourage you to reach out to Sharon at 909 596 5921 ext. 3152 or 

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