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Meet Jazmin!

At 18 years old, Jazmin was homeless and living in a car. She was a good person, a hard worker, an athlete. She had the recipe for success, only missing a capable adult equipped with the skill and compassion to set her up for adulthood. Jazmin and her older siblings were removed from their bio mom when she was 12 months old and she was placed with relatives shortly after. Unfortunately, this was not the best place for Jazmin, and every day was a struggle. 

After years of belittling and neglect, she left her house and family behind. She was living in a car, but it was a step up from where she came from. “It was scary, I was alone and I hate being alone and it was dark,” she remembers. “It was rough. But I had to get through it, and I’m just so thankful that I’m not in that situation anymore.”

The parent of a friend, who happened to be a social worker, discovered Jazmin’s situation and decided to take action. “She was the biggest help in the world,” Jazmin shares. For months they worked tirelessly to get Jazmin the support she needed, eventually finding the Transitional Housing Program at David & Margaret. “On December 1st, they told me they had an apartment for me and I was so excited,” Jazmine recalls. “I cried. I still cry. It’s such a blessing. Where would I have gone? Where would my life be now if this didn’t work out for me?” 

Once she moved into her apartment, she was able to focus on her schooling and with the support of the Workforce Training Program, she graduated a few months later! “I didn’t have to worry about trying to make it through the day,” Jazmin states. “This way I could sit down, focus on what I need to, and not have to worry about anything else.”  Two weeks after graduating, Jazmin had interviewed with Dave and Maggie’s Café and was hired on as an employee. “There are so many things throughout this journey that I never thought I could do, and I’m doing them. And so I think this journey is a blessing.” 

Jazmin attests her success to the woman who helped her get on her feet, who went to court with her, helped her re-open her foster case, and helped her find a home. A caring adult who saw her potential and helped her achieve everything she was capable of. A true testament that one caring adult has the power to transform the life of a child in need. 

Jazmin is an absolute delight, we’re thrilled she is benefiting from being a part of COMPASS programs. 

If you’d like to open your heart and help a youth live up to their potential we invite you to attend our Foster Parent Information Session or contact us at for more information!  

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