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Haynes Family of Programs and David & Margaret Youth and Family Services Announce Merger of Programs

Haynes Family of Programs and David & Margaret Youth and Family Services announce merger of programs.

This partnership greatly expands the ability to provide essential services and programs to children with specialized needs, transitional youth, and young families so that one day they may experience personal independence.

The combined leadership of these two Los Angeles County based, not for profit organizations will ensure continued growth and expansion of both partners, providing the necessary and essential services and care for foster youth, students with disabilities and families in need of therapeutic support as well as expanded vocational training, education and trauma care.

Both organizations are located in La Verne California, and with nearly 200 years of combined service in their respective specialties, Haynes Family of Programs and David & Margaret Youth and Family Services have distinguished histories of providing successful programs that uplift and advance children in need as well as strengthening the communities where they live and work. Now, with the combined resources of staff, management, specialists and facilities, both organizations together can better deliver on their near and far term strategic goals.

Haynes and David & Margaret have a blended history of service to more than 100,000 children and families, and today, over 2,039 special needs children, at risk youth, family members and caregiver sare supported between both organizations. Haynes and David & Margaret have strategically combined support services—emotional development, autism and Asperger’s Disorder, learning disabilities, neglect and abandonment—with adoptive services, permanent supportive housing, personal vocational training, education and job placement. The partnership instantly provides the “end to end” care and support vital to individual success, focused on long-term wellness and continued positive progress.

For Haynes Family of Programs the partnership was an opportunity to advance its current strategic plan and its needs for expanded programs and opportunities with transitional youth, housing and vocational training, education and mentorship.

“This is simply a profound win win for both organizations," said Daniel S. Maydeck, President and Chief Executive Officer, "we both have a long history of caring for children that need the individual and specialized care that’s vital to their long term health and happiness. And this partnership almost instantly provides the additional resources, education and growth potential we’ve been planning for in recent years. Ultimately, we will be able to serve more children in need, and really, that’s what it’s all about.”

This partnership is a landmark investment in the way the community supports and encourages some of the most vulnerable of young people who face complex challenges to live with stability, hope and dignity. The outcomes and results are life changing for everyone—Continued positive engagement with local city, state and county organizations, the growth of future employment and support personnel, and ongoing programs and events that positively impact surrounding communities and close neighbors are just a few examples.

Today, selected areas of service are being transitioned between both campuses, with the plan to place current staff and resources where they can make the most impact on the children and youth they work with, as well as providing unique, supportive environments that take advantage of the strengths of both Haynes and David & Margaret. Both campuses will physically remain as they are, the Haynes Family of Programs lush 21-acre campus close to the San Gabriel Mountains and David and Margaret’s 17-acre park like campus close to downtown La Verne our both long established residents of the city and committed community partners.

“We are looking forward, said Mr. Maydeck, “Short term we are integrating and stabilizing the organization, utilizing the strength of a new board of directors that share a common vision of mission driven goals. Sharing our cultures and strengthening community relationships, while never forgetting why we’re here... the children and families that need us most. Long term, staying open to new opportunities and the belief that all children when given love, support, education, guidance and structure can reach their unique potential.”


About Haynes Family of Programs: Since its founding in 1946, Haynes Family of Programs has grown from a small operation serving just a handful of children into one of the largest and most comprehensive nonprofit organizations of its kind provided services throughout Southern California. It is dedicated to helping children with special needs relating to emotional development, autism, Asperger’s Disorder, learning disabilities, abuse, neglect and abandonment.

About David and Margaret: David & Margaret Youth and Family Services was founded as orphanage over a century ago. Today over 1,700 youth, young adults and families come to David & Margaret each year to access services and programs that renew hope and inspire change including special education, foster family services, transitional housing for former foster youth and workforce development.  This is possible because of the support of committed and caring staff, volunteers and funders.      

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