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David & Margaret Youth and Family Services looks to 2020 and beyond

Recently, there have been some changes in services offered at David & Margaret Youth and Family Services. David & Margaret’s Transitional Shelter Care (TSC) contract has been terminated and the Transitional Housing Program (THP) has been placed on hold by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). While this is a challenging time, David & Margaret is committed to supporting the youth and families we serve and rebuilding  programs and services where needed. 

The TSC contract had been one that DCFS had been requesting changes in how we provided the services for some time. D&M brought in consultants, lowered the program census, and brought in trainings and other resources for the staff in an effort to administer the contract with care and a focus on the youth. In the end DCFS felt it was best to end the contract and we are working with them to support the youth during the transition. The youth have always been our reason for being here and that remains a constant. 

The THP contracts have been put on hold and the county is working on moving the young adults to other programs.  This was with minimal notice and took the staff and leadership at David & Margaret by surprise.  Our current focus is to provide as smooth of a transition as possible for the young adults who are impacted by this change. 

David & Margaret Youth and Family Services is committed to doing what is best for the youth and young adults and will work hand in hand with DCFS to make the transition as smooth as possible. David & Margaret has worked with DCFS for many decades and will continue to do so in the future. We trust their process and support their decisions. 

David & Margaret Youth and Family Services offers many valuable services to our community. Currently, the services and programs offered include: 

  • New Beginnings Residential Program
  • Mental Health Full Service Partnership
  • Mental Health Outpatient Counseling Services
  • Foster Care and Adoption 
  • Permanent Supportive Housing
  • Joan Macy School
  • Learning Enhancement Center
  • College & Career Readiness program
  • Paid internships for young adults with a history in the foster care system
  • Peer mentoring 
  • Dave & Maggie’s Center - a discount store and training center

As we look to 2020 and beyond we will continue to Renew Hope and Inspire Change for those who need it the most in our community. 2020 will be a year of service, reflection, change and a recommitment to our values. We invite the community to join us in the process. 

If you would like further information, please contact: 
Maggie Bohlman Chief Community Engagement Officer

Our Impact This Year

  • Youth & Families Served


  • Youth Internship Hours


  • Housing Provided


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