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National Foster Care Awareness Month 2019

Foster Friendly Workplace

David & Margaret Youth and Family Services is proud to announce our new Foster Friendly Workplace Policy

David & Margaret is dedicated to providing support to children, youth and families involved in foster care. Through the Foster/Adoption Agency, Residential Services, Mental Health support, and Transitional Aged Youth Programs we have made it our mission to renew hope and inspire change in a functional manner. In recognition of Foster Care Awareness Month we are pleased to announce progressive steps to further support team members involved in the foster care system.

All benefit eligible employees who are actively fostering children in their home may take up to 2 weeks bonding time and/or 12 weeks off during the first 12 months of a placement. Bonding is crucial for all families, and providing the time and opportunity for children and foster parents to form a connection is highly beneficial to everyone involved. With nearly 500,000 children and youth in foster care in the United States and a Foster Parent retention rate of only 30% there is a dire need of open homes for these children. All employees interested in becoming a certified foster/adoptive parent have access to onsite information and training sessions.

David & Margaret will also extend efforts in providing a Foster Friendly Workforce by continuing paid internships for youth aging out of foster care as well as actively recruiting older youth and adults with a history of foster care as part of the employee recruitment program. 20% of all children who age out of the foster care system will become instantly homeless and only 1 out of every 2 youth who “age out” will receive employment by the age of 24. Ending former foster youth homelessness and poverty is a communal issue and we hope to magnify our support efforts for Transitional Aged Youth by actively including foster youth in our candidate search for new hires.


About David & Margaret’s  Foster Care and Adoption Agency

David & Margaret Foster Care and Adoption Agency provides an individualized and caring process for individuals and all families wishing to become foster parents. D&M offers around the clock staff support, ongoing training, child and family therapy, home screening and approval, home visits and family support, monthly stipend (as set by DCFS) as well as complete adoption services.

If you are interested in foster care or adoption, we offer multiple free Foster Parent Information Sessions a month in English and Spanish and are also happy to do individualized sessions.

If you’d like to get in contact with us or find out more information regarding these Information Sessions we’re available by phone 1(800) 4-FOSTER and email

For additional information please visit


About David & Margaret Youth Workforce Training Program for Transitional Aged Youth

If you would like more information or are interested in providing an internship for youth & young adults with a history of foster care please contact Jessie Sandoval Employment & Education Specialist    (909) 964-1446 

For additional information please visit

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