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Young Professionals Committee

The Young Professionals Committee is comprised of dedicated adults who volunteer their time and talents to make real change in the lives of at-risk youth and families in the community while building professionals relationships and strengthening skills like leadership, teamwork, problem-solving and more. The Young Professionals Community provides many opportunities for networking and event planning as well as opportunities to increase experience with marketing, fundraising and more. 


All members must identify as a young professional. Members regularly engage with the committee and attend bi-quarterly meetings and special events & outings. The YPC members have individual and group responsibilities. Memberships are renewed annually. Membership dues can be paid annually or monthly. 

Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • President The Committee President oversees all committee activity. This position is responsible for conducting meetings, creating agendas and ensuring all orders and resolutions are carried into effect. 
  • Vice President The Vice President assumes the duty of the President in their absence. This position is also responsible for coordinating with the Treasurer. 
  • Secretary This position is responsible for recording meeting minutes; date, time, venue, members in attendance and absent members, conflicts of interest, corrections of previous minutes, items on the agenda, items for discussion and approval, orders and resolutions, and date, time, and venue of the next meeting. Must provide minutes to the Committee President before the next meeting.  The Secretary must maintain current bylaws. 
  • Treasurer Committee Treasurer maintains all financial records; payment of any collected fees and dues, sponsorships and all other funds. Responsible for creating a quarterly Treasurer’s Report for Committee.   
  • Membership Coordinator Responsible for member database, roster and demographic information. Welcomes and informs new members of upcoming events, campaigns, and activities. Will assist with general marketing/outreach and publicity of the Committee to recruit new members. Includes coordinating with local Universities etc. 


  • Events Committee Responsible for committee events; coordinating event, venue, food sponsorship and oversees event logistics. 
  • Volunteer Committee Responsible for managing volunteers during special events, including outreach and logistics. 
  • Professional/Personal Development Committee This position is responsible for identifying opportunities and cultivating relationships that can support the professional growth of YPC members. This includes luncheons and other personal/professional development seminars as well as maintaining contact with businesses, elected officials and more. 
  • Marketing Committee Responsible for developing and implementing social media strategy for YPC and Campaigns. Marketing Coordinator collaborates with Membership Coordinator and Committee regarding outreach & marketing materials. 

If you're interested in joining the Young Professionals Committee, please contact Jadie Delgado 909-596-5921 x3225 or and be sure to fill out the Young Professionals Committee Interest Form!



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