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Solicitation and Distribution of Literature Policy

Any solicitation and distribution of literature must comply with this policy and must not violate any other agency policy and/or procedure and abide by agency Values of Care.  To avoid disruption and interference with operations, the following policy applies to solicitation and distribution of literature on David & Margaret (D&M) property:


Persons not employed by D&M may not solicit or distribute literature on agency property unless first obtaining agency approval from the Executive Director, then only under strict, limited exceptions.


Employees of the agency may not engage in solicitation of any kind during working time or in working areas (as defined below).

Employees may not distribute literature unrelated to the agency’s operations during working time or in working areas for any purpose.  This includes utilizing the company’s email system to solicit and/or distribute literature.

Employees may not solicit or sell goods or services of any kind to any client of David and Margaret (refer to Staff/Former Staff Interactions with Current and Former Clients Policies).

Working Time/Areas Defined

Working time includes the working time of both the employee doing the solicitation or distribution of literature and the employee to whom it is directed.  Working time does not include breaks, meal periods and any other times during the workday (if any) when the employee is not required to be performing job duties.  Working areas include areas where employees regularly work but do not include such areas as employee lounges, cafeteria and parking areas.


Employees’ voluntary contributions to group gifts (e.g. flowers for birth or funeral) for agency-sponsored social events are exempt from this policy.

Employees may, with supervisor approval, sell fundraising items in non-working areas.

All questions regarding this policy should be directed to your supervisor for clarification.


S:\Public\Policies\Solicitation and Distribution of Literature.doc                  August 2014

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