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Healthy Eating, Happy Body

Forget juicing, fasting and fad diets! Just focus on being healthy and fit. When you eat right and exercise regularly, maintaining a healthy weight can happy naturally.

Fill Up With Fiber - High fiber foods fill you up without filling you out. Getting the right amount of fiber a day can help you lose weight, regulate blood sugar, and lower your cholesterol - all without counting calories.

Make Time to Move - Cutting calories can help you lose weight, but keeping it off long-term is a different story. Exercise is a must; aim for 200-300 minutes of physical activity per week (around 30-45 minutes per day) to keep extra pounds you've lost from coming back.

Rethink Your Drinks - There's more to maintaining your weight than watching what's on your plate. Calories from soda, juice, and alcohol add up f st. Switch to mostly water to help keep your weight from creeping up over time.

Source: Kaiser Permanente. Visit for details.

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