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Internal Newsletter

A Message from Executive Director Charles Rich

As you know, we recently received a ‘hold’ notice from the Los Angeles Co. Dept. of Children and Family Services, so we are unable to accept new clients into STRTP for the time being. This in no way diminishes our efforts to make needed improvements.  We are committed to supporting the youth in our STRTP and TSCF programs now and in the future. You can read the hold notice and our proposed solutions below. Obviously, this is not what we’d hoped for, but it’s part of the process of making our STRTP the high-quality, effective program we want and need it to be. The consultants are returning on July 31 for training, to see how we are implementing what they recommended, and give us further consultation and direction. We would welcome any suggestions or input you may have for further improving the programs. Please feel free to reach out to me directly.

I am pleased with what we are accomplishing together and am confident in our collective commitment to improve. All of the senior leadership and the Board of Directors deeply appreciate your efforts on the youths’ behalf and encourage you to keep striving to improve this vital program. David & Margaret has been a community resource for 109 years, and we plan to be here, caring for its most vulnerable members, for many years to come.

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