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The Campaign For David & Margaret

A Message from the Executive Director

Dear Friends of David & Margaret,

   Since our founding in 1910, we have been successful in fulfilling the mission of David & Margaret Youth and Family Services through hard work and dedication. For over a century we have remained focused on the big picture of empowering children, youth, and families through culturally diverse services that foster emotional, educational, spiritual, and identity development.  We are very excited for our clients and grateful for the opportunities they will have as they transition into young adult lives of self-reliance.


   We owe our success in large part to a circle of family and friends whose generosity has supported our agency for over a century. We are positioned to enter a new phase of David & Margaret’s history and achieving our master plan. By constructing the Cedar Springs Village and Youth Workforce Training Center, further developing our programs and infrastructure, and creating an endowment fund to secure our long-term financial stability, we are continuing the growth in the way our founders intended.


   The Campaign for David & Margaret will provide the funding for the next step in our growth. We invite you to help us grow through your generosity and support of this campaign. Your gift will make a difference to the many clients we serve now and for years to come. You have the opportunity to make the David & Margaret community greater, stronger, and more self-reliant than ever.



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Charles C. Rich

Executive Director

Renew hope. Inspire change.


Every year and estimated 20,000 children “age out” of the foster care system in the United States. When children age out at age 21 and don’t have a home to return to, they are left without the skills needed to make it on their own and are left vulnerable to a host of adverse situations. Kids who age out of foster care are more likely to not graduate from high school, often suffer from mental health problems, live in poverty, and nearly 40% become homeless.



To meet the need of the transitional age youth population, David & Margaret is expanding its transitional living services through an enhanced Youth Workforce Training Program, a new Youth Workforce Training Center, the Cedar Springs apartments, campus upgrades, and a new $1 million endowment fund. Launched in the spring of 2015, the Campaign for David & Margaret will make our goal of helping more transitional age youth a reality. This undertaking will make David & Margaret one of the largest support centers of its kind in Southern California.

Funding Areas
Cedar Springs Village                                $16.2 Million


Youth Workforce Training Center                $5.8 Million


Campus Renovation and Improvements        $1 Million


Endowment Fund                                           $1 Million


Expand and Enhance Programs                    $500,000

                                                        Total: $24,500,000