Transitional Living Programs

Cedars Springs Transitional Housing

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I have my own apartment and am working so that I can be independent and successful someday. I also want to get a car so I don’t have to take the bus or ride my bike all the time.

--Anonymous program participant 

About David & Margaret's TLP
David & Margaret’s Transitional Living Programs (TLP) aims to reduce homelessness among current and former foster youth by providing access to safe, affordable, and supportive housing for youth transitioning out of the foster care system. The program provides job training, educational support, case management, and counseling.
Our programs include Transitional Housing plus supportive services (THP-Plus), Transitional Housing, supportive services, plus foster care (THP+FC), and Supervised Independent Living (SILP). 
  • THP-Plus provides supportive housing services to former foster care youth age 21-24.
  • THP+FC provides supportive housing for youth who are in foster care age 18-21.
  • SILP provides for youth age 18-21 who decide where to live and are under the supervision of David & Margaret Youth and Family Services. SILP is designed for youth who are ready to live on their own with limited financial or emotional support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get information about your transitional living programs?
A: Information on the programs are available through the website or by attending our THP orientations which are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month in our THP lobby located in the “white house” from 2-4pm.


Q: How many vacancies do you have?
A: Vacancies vary from month to month. 
Q: What is the process for submitting referrals?
A: Referrals come directly through the county. For prospective youth, please contact your county worker and complete the application packet with them. For youth who no longer have a worker assigned due to aging out of care, please visit and complete the THP-Plus application along with the ILP verification form. We will obtain the referral from the county once these forms have been submitted to them via this website.


Q: How long does it take to hear back about scheduling an interview?
A: Applications are reviewed on a first come first serve basis. A call back for an interview are reviewed according to this submission process. Number of openings can also delay a call back for an interview. Therefore, this timeframe varies.

Youth Workforce Training Program

The YWTP provides youth with the tools to successfully transition into adulthood. The program will be housed in our new Youth Workforce Training Center (YWTC) scheduled to open in summer 2016.