Recovery Services

Recovery Services

        The Residential Treatment Recovery Program at David & Margaret Youth and Family Services was developed to provide specialized therapeutic services to adolescents, families and others who are experiencing an addiction crisis. As a leader in the field and study of addictive disorders, David & Margaret Youth and Family Services remains dedicated and passionate about working with residents and their families who are struggling with issues related to drug and alcohol use. Through our California State Certified chemical dependency program and therapy for residents recovering from substance abuse or other addictions we know that the consequences can be devastating.

     The Residential Treatment Recovery Program is a voluntary program consisting of intensive education and therapy designed to address unwanted and unsafe destructive behaviors that have led to significant consequences or losses in a person’s life.     

     The program participants are guided on a healing journey leading towards abstinence from all mind-altering substances and isolating and shameful behaviors. Our clinical staff provides individual, family and group sessions designed to address the specific clinical issues most often associated with substance abuse.

Clinical services include:

-Intake screening 

-Intervention services 

-Community 12-Step support

-Individual therapy 

-Group therapy  

-Physical Fitness Program

-Psychiatric assessment, medication management and monitoring 

-Education and community support services

-Professional training                           


               The exact nature of therapy and therapeutic activities differ from client-to-client and is collaboratively discussed during the intake process.  Significant family members, friends, partners, and siblings are encouraged, when appropriate, to be involved in the healing process.  Clients in the program are expected to follow the structured treatment schedule and fully participate in all therapeutic activities of the recovery treatment program.  We utilize the most up-to-date therapeutic intervention strategies to partner with our clients and families creating opportunities for empowerment, safety, and improved communication with one’s self and others.  Currently, the recovery services program utilizes The Matrix Model for Teens and Young Adults, which like the Matrix Model for Adults, is a comprehensive and organized set of evidence-based therapeutic interventions.  In addition, the recovery services program utilizes the evidence-based substance use online screening tool, Comprehensive Health Assessment for Teens (CHAT).


Intake Coordinator

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