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David & Margaret Youth and Family Services’ mission is to empower children, youth and families through culturally diverse services that foster emotional, educational, spiritual, and identity development.

The agency serves more than 1,000 clients annually through a comprehensive range of services including a residentially-based program and shelter care for adolescent girls, a foster family agency, adoption assistance, mental health services,  treatment for learning disabilities, a transitional living program, school- and community-based education and mentoring programs. Additionally, we also have a
chemical dependency program that is certified by the State of California for residents who are recovering from substance abuse.
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In 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted by US Congress to bring about health insurance reform and to ensure that patient health information is not used for any unintended or unauthorized purpose.  As part of HIPAA's implementation, David & Margaret Youth and Family Services must provide its clients with a document that states how a client’s information may be used and their rights concerning its use.  That document is called the Notice of Privacy Practices, and is available by clicking the PDF link below: