Program & Services

David & Margaret Youth and Family Services was founded as orphanage over a century ago. Today we serve over 1,400 at-risk youth annually. Our residential program specializes in caring for at-risk girls ages 11-19. We accomplish our mission through several unique programs and services.

Residential Program for girls age 11-19

  • 30 bed residential level 12 program with typical length of stay 3-6 months
  • 10-bed, 72-hour on-campus emergency shelter
  • 6-bed, community-based, 72-hour shelter
  • 10-bed, 30-day on-campus emergency shelter

 Foster Care & Adoption

  • Parent training and foster home certification
  • Foster-adoption program for foster parents who want to move toward adoption
  • Treatment foster care, providing specialized training for foster parents for clients requiring a higher level of care

Learning Enhancement Center for individuals of all ages 

Cedar Springs Permanent Supportive Housing

Youth Workforce Training Program

  • Workforce and life skill for transitional age foster youth

Transitional Housing Program-Plus

Transitional Housing Program + Foster Care

Supervised Independent Living Program

Mental Health Program

  • Individual, group, and family therapy

Full Service Partnership

  • Provides 24/7 crisis intervention, caregiver services, caregiver flexible funding

Substance abuse recovery

Alcohol and Drug & Anger Management (ADAM)

CSEC Word on the Street,

  • Helps treat, prevent, and raise awareness of the commercial sexual exploitation of children

Spiritual support

Recreational activities

Joan Macy School

  • A certified non-public school recognized by the California Department of Education providing special education, behavior intervention, counseling, and guidance. The school also provides language and speech development in accordance with each student's individualized educational plan.