Program & Services

David & Margaret Youth and Family Services was founded as orphanage over a century ago. Today we serve over 1,400 at-risk youth annually. Our residential program specializes in caring for at-risk girls ages 11-19. We accomplish our mission through several unique programs and services.


Foster Care and Adoption

David & Margaret’s Foster Care and Adoption program’s goal is to provide short or long term care for children and youth who do not have families or have been removed from their families due to neglect, abuse, or other reasons. We seek to provide short or long term care by returning the child to their families, foster care, or adoption. 


Learning Enhancement Center (LEC)

The LEC has helped hundreds of people turn their learning disabilities into abilities by training the brain to accurately and effectively absorb information, process it, and respond appropriately.  

Transitional Living Program (TLP) and Youth Workforce Training

David & Margaret’s TLP provides foster and homeless youth ages 18 to 24 with housing and supportive services to prepare them to lead independent and productive adult lives.

Joan Macy School (JMS)

JMS is a certified non-public school recognized by the California Department of Education to provide special education, behavior intervention, counseling, and guidance. JMS also provides language and speech development in accordance with each student's individualized educational plan.



Transitional Shelter Care (72 hours)

David & Margaret’s Transitional Shelter Care provides temporary sanctuary for girls ages 11-19 who have been taken into protective custody or who are dependent children of the court awaiting placement in a safe environment. The program aims to provide crisis stabilization in a temporary, safe, and caring shelter with a concerted attempt to minimize the mental and emotional trauma experienced by each youth.  We also provide a treatment oriented setting where emphasis is placed on providing children with a supportive therapeutic milieu in which the trauma experienced as a result of having been abused, neglected, abandoned, or runaway from and/or detained from a previous placement is immediately addressed.  With direct service, diagnostic assessment, and crisis intervention, our staff work with in a multi-disciplinary team to formulate objectives and goals to assist the youth in finding the appropriate placement and having success in that placement.  We are among first agencies to provide 72 hour and 30 day emergency shelter care to foster youth.



Victims of Sex Trafficking

Our program’s goal is to aid victims of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) to support and empower foster youth who have been victimized, survived, or are at risk of falling prey to sex traffickers.