Mental Health Services

Outpatient Mental Health Program 

For Medi-Cal eligible youth, ages 3 to 21, this program provides the following mental health services: 

§         Individual and family therapy

§         Psychological testing (for treatment planning and diagnosis clarification)

§         Therapeutic behavioral services (TBS)

§         Medication evaluation and follow-up

§         Case management linkage to available community resources


Mental Health Services Act (Proposition 63)

Full Service Partnership Program


This is an intensive services program that includes all of the above therapy services, as well as the following:

§         24/7 crisis intervention

§         Possible services for the caregivers

§         Flexible funds which can be used to provide services
and/or needed supplies for the caregiver and/or youth


This program is targeted for youth from infancy to age 15.  The
agency currently is able to serve a total of 30 youth as follows:

§         3 children ages 0 to 5

§         9 youth either at risk or currently involved with DCFS

§         12 youth who have been suspended and/or at risk for expulsion from school
(focusing on substance use or abuse)

§         6 probation youth who are being discharged from a facility, camp or juvenile hall back into the community on psychiatric medication


Non-Medi-Cal eligible youth may be eligible for this program. 


All services can be provided in the home, at school, and/or at the clinic, in both English or Spanish. 



Program Director

(909) 596-5921, x3500