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Since 1990 the Learning Enhancement Center (LEC) has helped hundreds of people turn their learning disabilities into abilities by training their brain to accurately and effectively take in information, process it and respond appropriately.
We can help with...distractibility, dyslexia, motivation, academic struggles, disruptive behavior and attention deficit.

" I was a resident at David & Margaret in 1996. I am married and have three children of my own and live in Florida. I remember that while I was a resident I attended the program in the Learning Enhancement Center (LEC), and the program helped with my learning problems. I recently called wanting to know if there was an LEC in Florida where I could send my own six-year-old daughter so she could get help with her own difficulties." - Debra O. 

" The greatest change I have seen is her willingness to do her work. She doesn't seem boggled by her homework load and isn't rubbing her eyes anymore. She has more self-esteem. She is also more coordinated." - Parent

"Besides the incredible academic advances, the biggest change is my son's new confidence and positive outlook on life." ~ Parent
"My son is able to do 95% of his homework by himself, has better self-confidence, a wider social network, and has less frustration and emotionalism." - Parent
Our assessment is 100% guaranteed to provide you with personal, understandable and treatable objectives.

Results of completing the program include improvement in:

§         reading and writing skills

§         math skills

§         attention span and concentration

§         memory

§         organizational skills

§         following directions

§         making decisions

§         hyperactivity

§         self-esteem


At the LEC, each client starts with a series of tests to assess visual, auditory and motor processing skills. One-on-one, 30-minute treatment sessions twice a week include visual, auditory and motor activities.


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