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Hope Garden

Leave your legacy and support David & Margaret’s Hope Garden with a personalized engraved brick, tile, bench, or recognition on our donor wall. The Hope Garden offers a place for reflection, meditation, and prayer and is designed for improved well being, serving as a refuge that promote healing for our residents, families, and staff.
Leave Your Legacy For Generations To Come!
The Hope Garden will be divided into 5 donor recognition areas and when completed will cover an area of 50’ X 50” covered in flowering bulbs, ornamental bushes, donor recognition benches and pavers including a central Tranquility Circle focal point.
To purchase a brick or bench, please visit www.BricksRUs.com/order/dm 
It's More Than A Garden...

“The reason I got the bench was to leave a lasting mark of being there, and a symbol of the mark that David & Margaret, 'the Home,' as we used to call it,' left on us. It was a safe haven for us." --Melinda, Former Resident, ca. 1968

As  a David & Margaret resident in 1968, Melinda would walk around the circular drive way with other disturbed teenage girls, talking about what they wanted to do when they got out. They would lay the lawn and talk about dreams and HOPES for their lives as we watched the breeze rustling the leaves on the trees that are still there today.

In 2009, Melinda returned after 41 years and the "horse shoe" again, arm in arm with another former resident. Today, the bench is true a symbol of leaving a legacy for all to see, and also the mark that David & Margaret has left on their lives.